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Ophiopogon japonicus, Kyoto Dwarf
Dwarf Mondo Grass
Ophiopogon japonicus, Kyoto Dwarf
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Growth Habit:
Very slow
Dark green
shade - sun
Bloom Time:
July - August

This dwarf plant is only half the size of the more common mondo grass. It is a very decorative grass with short, deep green blades that fold over and resemble a mop head of hair. It forms very slow moving runners above the ground and below. It can be used instead of turf as a lawn substitute, around a pond and is perfect in a miniature garden. Excellent as an edging plant or tucked into rocks for a nice contrast. It is well-suited for Japanese gardens, bonsai, containers, and border edging. This dwarf mondo grass tops itself with small white flowers in summer and metallic blue berries in fall. It will tolerate full sun but prefers some shade, especially in southern climates. It is not fussy about soil but will do best in moist areas. It provides excellent erosion control on slopes where water runoff is a problem and will spread slowly to form a lush evergreen mat.

There's a detailed article available on our parent company's site on choosing, locating, planting and maintaining ground cover plants.


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Ophiopogon japonicus, Kyoto Dwarf

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