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Pilea peperomioides
Chinese Money Plant
Pilea peperomioides
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Small white-pink flowers on red stems
Green an shiny
bright, indirect light

Pilea peperomioides is an indoor plant native to China. The bright, green and shiny leaf color contrasts nicely against white walls, which is a perfect match for the minimalist interior design world these days. It is also called Chinese Money Plant or Pancake Plant due to its flat, coin-shaped foliage.

The Chinese Money Plant is a great plant for the beginner. It is easy to grow and propagate and thereby share with your friends. It is also often reffered to as the Sharing Plant.

Grow the plant where it will receive bright but indirect light, water regularly and keep it out from the direct sun. In order to prevent your Pilea from growing lopsided, rotate it at least a couple of times a week since it grows towards the sun. Pilea can grow in lower light areas, but the leaves will turn a bit darker and the plant will spread out and assume a more open shape.

Allow the soil to dry between waterings, it does not like soggy soil. If the leaves start looking a bit droopy, it’s time to water the plant. In warmer conditions, it needs to be watered more frequently.

Use a general liquid houseplant fertilizer at half strength twice during the spring and summer.

Non-toxic to pets.


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Pilea peperomioides

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