Pleiospilos nelii sp., Split Rock

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Yellow to orange
sun - partial shade
Bloom Time:
May - June
Easy, allow to dry between waterings

Small clump forming, stemless, tender perennial, reminding of a Lithops or Living Stone. However there are three differences between a split rock and a living stone. P. nelii or Split Rock does not grow buried to its neck in the ground; it is bigger than any Living Stones and will produce multiple flowers at once.

It features large yellow to orange daisy-like flowers that are fragrant with a smell of coconut. It usually flowers in early spring after the winter dormancy period the blooms open in mid-afternoon and close just after sunset.

Pleiospilos nelii is a very adaptable plant, it will grow whenever it has water and good sunlight, but it will become dormant in very hot weather to conserve water. It need full sun to light shade with a very open compost that drains quickly.

In the winter, it grows new leaves from the center of the split, and the new leaves then consume the old leaves. If the plants are grown correctly with hardly no water, ideally there should only ever be 2 pairs of leaves.


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