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Senecio crassissimus, Ace
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Senecio crassissimus, Ace
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This succulent is veritably raising its hands in the air, saying, “Choose me!” With leaves that grow in vertical ranks, Senecio crassissimus, Ace is an uplifting choice that will put a smile on anyone’s face. The flat, fleshy leaves are shaped like long beans, and they radiate out from the center stem in joyful fashion. The blue-green color of this plant moves from light to dark and back again, creating visual interest, especially when grown in strong light. Brightness leads this plant to grow purple edges on the leaves, as well as purple stems.

Growers can expect this plant to reach up to 2-feet in height. Hailing from Madagascar, it prefers sunny conditions and less watering. Let the soil dry out between waterings and do not leave the soil wet for long periods of time. If the plant grows too tall, you can cut it back and root the cuttings. In the summertime, this succulent will enjoy spending time outside. Just be sure to move the container back inside when autumn arrives.


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Senecio crassissimus, Ace

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