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Senecio rowleyanus, Variegated
String of Pearls
Senecio rowleyanus, Variegated
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Is it peas, pebbles, or jewelry? Senecio Rowleyanus, Variegated, String of Pearls has one of the most unique looks in the plant world. Truly resembling a string of pearls, berries, or other baubles, this succulent allows its “strings” to drape gracefully over the sides of containers, where they are dotted with tiny orbs. This variegated variety offers even more excitement, as green, cream, and purple-pink colors have a marbling effect on the spheres. The variegated form is particularly slow growing, making it more difficult to find when shopping for succulents.

Take care to let the String of Pearls dry out between waterings, as it is prone to rot when allowed to sit in moisture. This plant prefers morning sun and afternoon shade.


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Senecio rowleyanus, Variegated

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