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Serissa Ahiro Pink, Starter Bonsai Plant
Pink Snow Rose
Serissa Ahiro Pink, Starter Bonsai Plant
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sun - partial shade

Serissa Ahiro Pink has a naturally short stature, small leaves and masses of tiny flowers that make it a natural for bonsai and miniature garden enthusiasts. Its shape, miniature stature, and long blooming season will captivate all plant lovers. Although serissa foetida isn't difficult to grow, the most important aspect to growing this little jewel is location. The plant can be fussy. It dislikes chilly temperatures, too much or too little water, fertilizer or sunlight, and reacts badly to being moved too much.
Changes in the environment may cause the leaves to fall, but when they adjust to their new location they will grow beautifully. It can flower year around, but produces its best floral show from spring to fall. Also known as "tree of a thousand stars" for its prolific, pink single flower bloom production. It has tiny, dark green to variegated green leaves with cream or yellow markings. The bark is rough and light to medium gray. Regular pruning is used to form the plant into its tree shape and can be trained to most forms of bonsai, from upright to cascading, formal and informal. Because of the versatility of this plant, it is perfect for all types of miniature; fairy garden, miniature garden containers and theme gardens just prune it to work for your application!


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Serissa Ahiro Pink, Starter Bonsai Plant

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