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Thymus vulgaris Argenteus, Silver
Herb Thyme
Thymus vulgaris Argenteus, Silver
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There are many classic flavors and smells found in herb gardens around the world. Thymus vulgaris Argenteus, Silver, Herb Thyme is one of our favorites. A low maintenance, aromatic plant that is easy to grow and care for, this one will be a friend to you in the garden. It is woody and upright, forming foliage mounds from 6-inches to 12-inches tall. Use the leaves as a fresh or dried herb in any number of delicious recipes. In the early weeks of summer, teeny-tiny lilac flowers will appear on the stem ends. Look for the days just before flowering for the thyme to be at its most aromatic yet. If you live in an area with warm winters, you can even expect your thyme to be evergreen all year ‘round.


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Thymus vulgaris Argenteus, Silver

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