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Tillandsia Air Plant Collection Pack of 5 Large to Medium
Tillandsia Air Plant Collection Pack of 5 Large to Medium
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Height on Delivery:
Can bloom any time of year
partial shade - sun
Bloom Time:
January - December

Enjoy a mix of 5 small to medium-sized air plants. The Tillandsia Air Plant Collection is enough for you to make a creative air plant arrangement. Add air plants to a piece of driftwood, a shell, a hanging terrarium or an air plant holder. The applications are limitless.

Air plants do well in outdoor environments (as long as the temps don't drop below 45°.) Air plants can be hanging from under a tree canopy or placed on a covered and screened patio. Tillandsia thrives in an area with natural bright filtered sunlight, which will provide the right environmental air these plants love. Watering should be done once a week for humid environments and twice weekly for dryer climates. Mist or soak the plants. Dehydration will occur when the foliage begins to curl. You can soak the plants in water up to 15 minutes.

When an air plant starts to bloom it is at the peak of its life cycle. After it flowers, the plant will eventually die however your air plant will reproduce by sending out 2-5 new little baby, air plant pups. Young plants can be separated from the mother plant when they are about a third to half of the mother plant's size.

To encourage the next stage of growth after the bloom, you can cut off the bloom stalk that came out of the plant.

When an air plant blooms, it is important to keep watering and feeding it! However, you need to take special care when watering a blooming air plant in order not to get the flower wet. If the bloom is submerged in water for too long, it could rot or wilt.

The mix contains - Tillandsia: Stricta, Capitata Peach, Ionantha rubra, Bulbosa and Magnus. The peach has been color enhanced with a non-toxic floral tint to mimic flowering color. It will eventually outgrow it.



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Tillandsia Air Plant Collection Pack of 5 Large to Medium

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