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Tillandsia tectorum, Air Plant
Tillandsia tectorum, Air Plant
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Tillandsia Tectorum is one of our favorite air plants. The fuzzy and whimsical appearance of the plant have made it exceptionally popular. It is native to Ecuador and Peru where it can be found growing on cliff faces and on outcroppings. It you follow a few simple care instructions this air plant is one of the easiest tillandsias to grow. Some plants will bloom at a mature size of only 3-4 inches in height and width but more often they need to get larger before they show off their pretty soft rosy-pink flowers with tiny, violet bracts.

Watering. It is very important that you do not submerge this species in water or let them remain wet for any length of time. This variety of air plant will thrive with a thorough misting every 1-3 weeks or more often in dry conditions. In addition, they require more light than other species. Direct sunlight in a window settings are appropriate for Tectorum.



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Tillandsia tectorum, Air Plant
Tillandsia tectorum, Air Plant

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