Tuscany Square Vase Bonsai - Green

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Treat yourself to something fresh, new, and totally unique with the Tuscany Square Vase Bonsai. It starts with a 3-inch by 3-inch square decorated vase. The bright, colorful design may remind you of the warm colors and symmetrical shapes of Tuscan tile. It will instantly add life and style to a table, desk, shelf, or windowsill.

Growing inside the vase is a Bonsai tree, Juniperus procumbens. This compact, evergreen dwarf shrub features radiating branches that sport green needles year-round. Native to Japan, it loves the sun. Be sure to provide plenty of air circulation. The best way to tell if your Bonsai tree needs water is to touch the soil about one half-inch down inside the pot. If you do not feel moisture here, it is time to water your plant.

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