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Wood Design Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia
Wood Design Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia
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bright, indirect light

For a unique gift or attractive addition to your own home, check out the Wood Design Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia. A small wood holder creates the perfect pedestal for a delicate air plant. The holder itself is lightweight and made of light-colored wood, which will match almost any interior space. At about 4.25-inches tall, 1.25-inches wide, and 2-inches deep, the holder will fit comfortably on a windowsill, desk, dresser, or in any small space that is in need of a plant. The included air plant, Tillandsia, Air Plant, Capitata Peach, which is easy to care for, sports soft green coloring.No need for fertilizer or a container; just spray this plant lightly with water to keep it flourishing all year long.




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Wood Design Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia

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