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Idea Gallery

Fairy Garden Ideas for Your Miniature Garden

What better way to get started on your miniature garden than to watch an Idea Gallery? Discover many fairy garden ideas by viewing the slide show. Begin the journey with a visit to the sunny shores of a beach theme garden and continue to the shadowy calmness of the woodlands.

What Steps are Needed when Designing a Miniature Garden?

First, decide on a theme and start looking for fairy garden ideas that will work with your topic. For a landscape miniature garden, select plants that will thrive in the shade or sunny location of the mini garden. Consider using pea gravel, pebbles, mulch, or other hardscape materials to complete the landscape. The next step is to view the slides with fairy garden ideas and decide if you are going to have a fairy house or other buildings in the design. Now is the time to add accessories. So many choices! Browse through the pictured fairy garden ideas or look through the online catalog for inspirations. Now for the magical fun, it is time to place fairies, gnomes, or trolls into our fairy garden.

What if You Don’t Have Room for a Large Miniature Garden?

Gardeners who have limited space have turned to container or terrarium gardens. Many times the smaller sized miniature gardens have a holiday theme, because the garden accessories can easily be changed throughout the season. Look for fairy garden ideas on the slide show or in the blog posts. Whatever design you choose, the wee folks are dancing with joy to live in their new miniature garden.

  • At The Beach

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    Create a beach scene with clear blue stones, a sandy beach and a small piece of 'driftwood'. Add a white picket fence and a post for seagulls to perch and hang a beach sign. Complete the beach scene with a Adirondack chair of your favorite color, a bucketful of seashells, and a beach towel. Don't forget the sunscreen!!

    At The Beach
  • Plant A Hedge

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    This fine gold leaf sedum makes a colorful 'hedge' when planted along a stone path.

    Plant A Hedge
  • Stone Patio

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    Large flat stones found in your yard or at the beach, can be used to make a patio.

    Stone Patio
  • Funny Stones

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    Adding unique or unusual rocks to your miniature garden are sure to tickle your 'funny-stone!'

    Funny Stones
  • Gateway To The Garden

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    Placing an arbor or gate, like the French garden tool gate, can create separation between different garden areas, or a way to get into the 'secret' garden.

    Gateway To The Garden
  • Here's Your Sign

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    A sign to welcome other fairies can be made by cutting a picture from a catalog and just gluing to a wooden popsicle stick!

    Here's Your Sign
  • Gathering Seashells

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    Complement a mini metal garden bench with a matching metal bucket full of shells, mini pumpkins or plant clippings.

    Gathering Seashells
  • Mountain Ash Berry Apples

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    Berries from a mountain ash look exactly like small apples or other fruit, especially when gathered in a woven fruit basket.

    Mountain Ash Berry Apples
  • Pottery Patio

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    All is not lost if a flower pot breaks. Use the pieces to make a patio for you miniature garden.

    Pottery Patio
  • Twig Picture Frame

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    Create this rustic picture frame with twigs from a small tree glued to a pretty picture. Add a piece of wire or fishing line to the back and it's ready for hanging.

    Twig Picture Frame
  • Bucketful Of Shells

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    This bright red metal bucket will surely brighten up your beach scene. Fill with seashells or sand for making a sandcastle.

    Bucketful Of Shells
  • Drift Away

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    Small twigs and branches can be used for adding pieces of 'driftwood' to your beach scene. A good place for turtles and seagulls to perch or sun themselves. Place a pot of seashells nearby for additional accent.

    Drift Away
  • Rocks And Shells

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    To keep your shells from washing away in high tide, it is a good idea to glue them to a larger rock.

    Rocks And Shells
  • Stacking Firewood

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    Chop up small twigs and branches and stack them together in a small pile where they will be ready for making a campfire. Fairies love campfires and making s'mores!

    Stacking Firewood
  • Stone Waterfall

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    To create a waterfall, place blue glass pebbles so they cascade between the rocks and form a pool at the bottom. Add lighter blue pebbles to add an accent. Pieces of driftwood and larger rocks can also be added for the fairies to sit on and listen to the rushing water.

    Stone Waterfall
  • Harvesting Veggies

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    Use the rustic metal wheelbarrow and garden tools to gather garden veggies - putka pod 'pumpkins', Drunkard's Dream 'carrots', or mountain ash 'tomatoes'.

    Harvesting Veggies
  • Make An Entrance

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    This finely detailed wire arbor with gate provides an elegant entrance to your miniature garden. Cover with fairy vine to give the appearance of entering a 'secret' garden.

    Make An Entrance
  • Bridge The Gap

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    Use the Chip and Dale bridge to cross a stream or dry riverbed. Place stone steps on either side to get on and off the bridge. Watch from here for fish swimming by or a turtle sunning itself on a driftwood log.

    Bridge The Gap
  • Path And Patio

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    Provide a quaint little area for a bench or bistro set using a premade flagstone path and patio. There's plenty of room for planting some 'trees', shrubs or flowering plants on either side of the path. See the 'How to Make a Patio' video for instructions on making your own.

    Path And Patio


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