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Large Scale Garden Gallery

  • Cottage In The Woods

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    Nestled among the trees, this little retreat is a perfect fairy hideaway. After crossing the Chip and Dale bridge, there is nothing but peace and quiet for him to enjoy. The clay table and chairs set on the stone patio provides a place to enjoy a cup of tea while gazing out over the gardens. The gold fine leaf sedum contrasts dramatically with the cottage, while the pink hypoestes and dianthus complement it perfectly. The blue ageratum (hydrangea) in the background brings out the roof color. The cuphea resembles a lilac or other flowering shrub planted along the rattan fence.

    Cottage In The Woods
  • Enchanting Primrose Garden

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    What fairy wouldn't want to move in here with it's grand staircase and courtyard. Mini lemon cypress flank the staircase above while English Ivy climbs the moss covered walls below.

    Enchanting Primrose Garden
  • Fairyhood In Spring

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    Spring in the Fairyhood is an enchanting time for fairies. It is a very cool and colorful time to be strolling about, lingering over tea, watching fish swim under the bridge, or catching butterflies.

    Fairyhood In Spring
  • Got The Blues Garden

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    The little blue cottage is accented by blue flowering campanula and ageratum. Other plants with gray-blue foliage adding to the cool, calm color scheme include Blue Fescue grass, dianthus and lampranthus. A rosemary 'tree' adds height and also some fragrance. The irish moss will cover the ground and make a soft, cushiony lawn. Some mowing required.

    Got The Blues Garden
  • Mellow Yellow Garden

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    This sunny yellow cottage nestled amongst the rocks is a cheery spot for fairies to hang out. Using a bark mulch and planting lots of 'shrubs' keeps the maintenance to a minimum because fairies really don't like to weed. We used dwarf barberry and evergreens, and cuphea around the house. A blue-eyed grass, Drunkard's Dream, delosperma (iceplant), hens and chicks and other succulents fill in around the rocks. A rosemary-tree adds a spot of shade.

    Mellow Yellow Garden
  • Primrose Cottage Garden

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    Because fairies love pomp and circumstance, the Primrose Cottage Garden features a more formal design with grand entrances. A hypoestes hedge makes a colorful foundation planting. Stately potted lemon cypress stand tall at the top of the curved staircases. Ivy covered walls surround a stone arch doorway below, which any curious fairy will want to enter to find what secrets lie within.

    Primrose Cottage Garden
  • Spring At The Underfoot Cottage

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    Truly a garden fit for any fairy. The picket fence surrounds the veggie garden where chive 'sweet corn' and pilea 'pumpkin vines' grow. The fairies can gather 'round the variegated euonymous tree to catch up on their recent escapades or head over to the pond to try their luck at fishing. A complete mix of 'trees', 'shrubs' and flowers make this garden a fantastic fairyland.

    Spring At The Underfoot Cottage
  • The Fairyhood

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    Plant it and they will come. This indoor miniature garden has all the features that any fairy would love. There is a waterfall, stream, pond, veggie garden and a wide variety of 'trees', 'shrubs' and flowers. You will find fairies fishing, climbing trees, tending the garden, or having tea. You never know what they will be doing next.

    The Fairyhood
  • Underfoot Cottage Backyard

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    Corsican mint fills in among the stepping stone path that leads to the back door of the Underfoot Cottage. An Endless Summer Hydrangea (ageratum) grows beautifully next to the door.

    Underfoot Cottage Backyard
  • Underfoot Cottage Garden

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    This sunny cottage garden has oodles of plants to please any fairies' preference. Moss rose and string-of-hearts vine trails from the window box on the cottage. A fragrant allysum hedge grows along the garden edge. There are fuchsia and dianthus bursting with buds, which are a fairies favorite flowers to make festive skirts and hats from. The fairy-vine covered arbor provides a grand entrance to the stone staircase leading to the cottage. There are even mini-roses on either side of the top step. A variety of sedums provide additional bright pots of color in the garden.

    Underfoot Cottage Garden
  • Woodland Village

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    In this quaint little village you will find paths meandering through the woods and across the bridge to get from one cottage to the next. Fairies will enjoy frolicking among the rocks and gardens here. 'Shrubs' include dwarf evergreens, blue fescue grass, ageratum, armeria, rosemary, cuphea and hypoestes. A variety of groundcover 'lawns' keep the maintenance to a minimum. Use irish moss, leptinella, or creeping thyme or low growing sedums to fill in large areas or between the stepping stones.

    Woodland Village
  • Through The Garden Gate

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    The Bunnyfly gate and fence, combined with the 'Offkilter' staircase, makes a grand entrance to the Underfoot Cottage. The Primrose path and patio offers a place to meet for tea or just gaze out at the beauty of the gardens.

    Through The Garden Gate
  • Mustard Seed Cottage Garden

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    Cross the Chip and Dale bridge to enter the Mustard Seed Cottage garden. The waterfall and stream run along the edge of the garden. White alyssum provides a lovely fragrance near the front door of the cottage. Low growing sedums and Irish moss make a colorful patchwork lawn.

    Mustard Seed Cottage Garden
  • Sit A Spell

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    There are plenty of options for fairies to find a place to sit and take a break with a good book, a cup of tea or just relax. The 'round the tree' bench set allows for plenty of seating and viewing the garden. The 'tea time' table and chairs is just that - a perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea. The Sissinghurst bench is a beautiful spot to rest after taking care of the garden chores.

    Sit A Spell
  • Thyme For Tea

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    Enjoy a cup of tea or glass of lemonade at the 'Tea Time' bistro set. Creeping thyme planted underneath is a low growing fragrant groundcover. Fairy vine grows on the metal arbor, which leads to the backyard of the cottage.

    Thyme For Tea


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