A Playground for the Garden Fairies

Fairy on garden swingDo you have memories of playing at the park as a child? Or perhaps you have played with a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew. Helping a little one summon the courage to go down a slide, climb a ladder, or swing high on the swings is such a joy. If you are searching for a new miniature garden theme, you might consider adding a playground to your fairy garden. With a fairy garden playground, you can recreate your own childhood memories or make entirely new ones when visitors come to enjoy your fairy garden. Read on for our favorite tips and tricks.

Setting the Scene

As you plan out a playground for your miniature garden, you will first want to set the scene. What will your park look like? Maybe it will feature a picnic area with a picnic table, fairy mulch, and a picnic basket. Some delicate lights strung in between two miniature trees could help set the scene, or perhaps you could add a handmade sign that says “Do Not Feed the Garden Critters!” as a reminder to fairy picnickers.

Another scene you may want to add is a playground. This could look more rustic, with wooden swings and a metal slide, or more contemporary, with brightly-colored equipment, swirling slides, and tire swings. If you really want to take it up a notch, add amusement park-type miniature rides like a Tilt-A-Whirl! A basketball court or sand volleyball court would be a fun addition for the sports-loving gardener.

Of course, a playground is no fun without some friends to play with. Luckily, there are plenty of garden fairies, gnomes, dragons, animals, and other miniature garden residents who are more than happy to spend some time on the playground. If you look closely, you might even spot a rather round gnome who seems to have gotten himself stuck in the tire swing! Or maybe he is just having a good time.

Adding Special Features

Once you have set up your teeter totter, slide, and picnic tables, you can start thinking about other park-like features. Some of the best parks from my childhood memories had small ponds with bridges. I remember running as fast as my legs would carry me up and over a wooden bridge so I could toss breadcrumbs at the ducks on the pond below.  What would your miniature garden pond look like? Would it have a bridge across or a trail around it? A few benches placed nearby? A miniature tree with leaves that hang over the water? Once your imagination starts running, you may have to sprint to keep up with it.

In addition to a pond, you can easily create that other playground favorite—a sandbox. Simply add a small painted box to the garden, and fill with beach sand. A small shovel and bucket complete the scene.


Of course, a fairy garden playground is much more than the equipment or miniature accessories that you choose to add. You will also need to consider landscaping. In addition to the miniature trees and other plants in your fairy garden, there are plenty of options for creative ground covers, such as fairy mulch, craft sand, ground cover plants that look like meadows, pebbles, and moss. A path could wind its way through the park.

If your miniature garden has fairy residents, you could even consider a little sparkle in the form of glitter or bright pebbles. Consider the park or playground of your wildest imagination. Then build it! You will be giggling, reminiscing, and dreaming up adventures for your miniature garden in no time.


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