Recreate Your Favorite Books in a Fairy Garden

Reading FairyWhat could be better than curling up with your favorite book? Well, curling up in the miniature garden, of course! Reading outside, especially in sunny weather, is both relaxing and fun. Unfortunately, not all readers have year-round mild weather or a screened-in porch. What’s a book-lover and outdoor enthusiast to do?

If you can’t take your books into the garden, you might has well create a garden oasis that celebrates books. With a few easy steps, you can recreate your favorite books, scenes, and characters in the fairy garden. Whether you want to make a container garden or larger miniature garden, there are plenty of options for expressing your love of reading, books, libraries, and stories in the fairy garden. National Read a Book Day is September 6th. There's no better time than now to incorporate reading in the miniature garden

Books in the Garden

One of the easiest ways to turn your miniature garden into a book-centric space is to invite some wee readers into the fairy garden. Plenty of fairies, animals, and other wee folk are literature lovers. Why, if you are wandering around the miniature garden, you might just spy a Dragon Reading, a Reading Hedgehog, a Man with a Book, or even a Reading Garden Fairy. No matter the style of your garden, there is a studious garden friend who will fit in just fine.

You can incorporate these reading friends into your miniature garden as-is, or “go the extra mile” with theming. This might look like adding a Micro Yellow School Bus and other education-themed miniature accessories for a back-to-school garden, or building a reading nook with miniature pillows, twinkling lights, and other cozy miniature accessories. You could even make your own “Fairy Library” sign.

Celebrate Favorite Stories

When it comes to adding literary flair to your fairy garden, there are so many options. One of our thematic favorites is designing a miniature garden that celebrates your favorite books, series, and characters. You might use pirate-themed miniature accessories to recreate the world of Captain Hook, or celebrate mermaid tales (and tails) with beach-themed fairies and miniature accessories.

If your miniature garden already looks like a tiny forest, it would be quite simple to add a wolf and a girl with a red cape, walking along the path to her grandmother’s house. Ta-da! You’ve got a classic fairytale scene.  Do you have a fairy house that looks like candy? That’s straight out of Hansel and Gretel. With a small pond, some miniature trees, and a few animals, you can do your own retelling of the Ugly Duckling.

Some ambitious gardeners may even try to incorporate two, three, or more story scenes into the garden, creating a small “library” within the fairy garden itself. If you have a Free Little Library, or even a hidden spot in an old tree trunk, you could store a few of the stories and add a note inside, inviting visitors to match the book with the garden. When it comes to telling stories through the miniature garden, the sky’s the limit. With just a few miniature accessories, fairies, and some thoughtful organization, you’ll have a miniature garden that tells an amazing story.


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