Simple and Fast Miniature Garden in a Birch Tea Cup Planter

Birch Bark Tea Cup PlanterThe first thing I want to do when starting a simple and fast  tea cup project is to gather all of my supplies so that I simply have to assemble the smaller scale garden. When I am planning a miniature garden or fairy garden, I grab a container, soil, miniature plants, accessories, and a fairy house to finish the whole scene. Have you considered planting a tea cup garden?  Once you have selected the supplies, you need to move forward by getting your hands dirty and diving feet first into a fairy gardening project that will be an impressive addition to your home. I like these ‘tiny’ tea cup, miniature gardens because I think they add something unique to a room. I have even seen a friend add one to her desk at work because she needed a little bit of greenery in her cubicle.



Here are the steps to creating a tea cup, miniature garden:

•    Step 1: Select your container – in this case, I have chosen a “Birch Tea Cup Planter.”

•    Step 2: Place a small amount of pea gravel in the bottom and then add potting soil to the planter.

•    Step 3: To cover the soil and create a pleasing look, add "Zen Gravel" as the ground cover.

•    Step 4:  Add replica moss rocks as the green space for this fairy garden.

•    Step 5: Now it is time to be creative by adding fairy accessories along with a cute sign. Use your moss rocks as a place to secure your fairies with picks so that they are secure in your miniature garden.

•    Step 6: You should have enough space in your garden to add a small table and a couple of chairs – it will look very welcoming to your new fairy friends. Consider adding a newspaper, cup of coffee, and some eyeglasses or other fairy accessories to the tabletop.

•    Step 7: Stand back and admire your work – this garden would be a charming addition to any room in your house. It is also an easy and fun project to do together with your kids.

A tea cup garden is a small taste of what you can do with a miniature garden, and it is an example of a beginner’s fairy garden project for adults and children.  A girlfriend of mine created a miniature garden, craft day for her daughter's sixth birthday and allowed all of her friends to select containers, items, and miniature plants for a tea cup garden. She thought it would be an easy activity for a group of younger girls and their creations would be a memorable project to bring home after the party. Miniature gardening is a great hobby to pass on to your children because it teaches the little ones (or Sprouts as we call them at the greenhouse) the basics of gardening, while they enjoy being outside. I love how fairy garden projects spread awareness and appreciation to the miniature gardening community. Remember to follow these seven simple steps and to share this experience with those around you. 


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