Tales of Mermaids Living in Seashells

You might think you know all about the ocean. Fish, whales, dolphins, and other animals swim and flip in the mighty waters. The wind blows. Ships chug slowly through its waves. However, have you considered the secrets that lie within seashells in the fairy garden? From shells that settle within the depths of a human-made sea to those that wash up on the sandy beach crafted in the miniature garden, there are whole worlds to discover inside these delicate treasures.

If you look very, very carefully, one day you might spot a miniature mermaid inside a seashell! Why? Well, they offer the best of both worlds—access to water for swimming the day away, and sand-filled, relaxing interiors for playing, reading, and living the best beach life. If you know mermaids, you know their lives are balanced like the two halves of a seashell. In the fairy garden, they can be full of action one minute, chasing after an aquatic friend or playing in the waves, digging for treasures in the sand, and playing silly tricks on other mermaids. The next minute, you will likely find them lazing away on a rock, relaxing amidst starfish and turtles, or even taking a nap in the sunshine. That tail can be heavy, so do not be surprised if the mermaids in your miniature gardening miniscape take ample time to rest along the shores of the sandy beach.

One of the best things about mermaids is that they always know where to find fun treasure! If you are constructing a fairy house in a container or outside in a fairy garden, you will inevitably attract these sea-maidens if you include some colorful, dazzling miniature accessories. Mermaids love anything that glistens, shines, or sparkles in the sun. A treasure chest filled with baubles and jewelry can send a whole group of maidens of the sea on the hunt! You might also choose to decorate your miniature garden ocean scene with a sandcastle, shells, buttons, and all manner of “whosits” and “whatsits.” Crafty souls, mermaids can turn almost anything from junk to treasure. Your resident mermaid might take a pile of old tidbits and ultimately transform them into a sparkling crown, a unique hair miniature accessory, or even an artistic sculpture. That is right, it might come as a surprise, but mermaids are extremely talented. They love to read, have lengthy discussions, and invent all sorts of trinkets for their fairy garden friends.

All of these positive qualities might have you excited to invite some mermaids to the beach in your miniature garden, but when planning your fairy garden accessories, you must first make sure that you have all the necessary elements. While mermaids enjoy getting a little sun, they thrive in water! A lake, stream, pool, or ocean is the best place for a mermaid to spend time. You might also provide some flat rocks, shells, or even a mermaid bench for them to rest upon between swim sessions. Coral, underwater miniature plants, and glass beach pebbles are other fun, fairy garden accessories that can make your mermaid space stand out from the crowd.

You must remember the most important thing of all: Mermaid friends! Mermaids are incredibly social and love to talk, learn, sing, swim, and play with others – especially garden fairies. Where you find one mermaid, you will usually find a whole group! As a rule, they are friends of all creatures on the planet so that any mermaid would welcome a seal, sea turtle, dolphin, or other animals as her friend, too. Of course, once you invite a mermaid into your miniature garden or beach, she will be your friend for life also. So, do not be shy; in your next beach fairy garden, consider adding some of these oceanic fairytale friends. You will find it refreshing that you did include companions in the fairy garden.


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